KISA Insurance is a multi-line independent agency whose foundation is rooted deeply in service. We serve every client of KISA Insurance with the honesty, dignity and respect you deserve. “Honor and service above all” is more than our motto, it is how we do business all day, every day. We are here to serve you, our clients.

As an independent agency, KISA Insurance has the power of selection to find the best protection for you at the most competitive rates in the industry. When you and I apply for insurance –whether it’s for your home, auto or business-- we are placed into one of three tiers: Standard, Non-Standard, or Preferred. The best rates are given to those applicants who are placed in a Preferred tier. You may think you are getting the best rates now, but qualifying with a Preferred carrier through KISA Insurance can save you hundreds of dollars every year, and many of our clients have saved over a thousand dollars a year on their home and auto insurance. We know how to find the right carrier for you and what you need to do to get these Preferred rates.

Contact KISA Insurance today and let us do what we do best: evaluate your needs and find the right insurance carrier for you while giving you the service deserve.

We are your KISA, your Knight in Shining Armor!